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£150,000 Software Prize Won by Concern Universal


Game On

Businesses battle it out to win software

On November 28th, software provider Greentree International hosted the GAME ON competition. Businesses had to put forward a compelling case for a new Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). Concern Universal took the £150,000 prize.  Concern Universal’s Executive Director, Ian Williams, said: “without Greentree GAME ON there is absolutely no way we could ever look at funding such a solution. It’s absolutely brilliant.” Concern Universal is a charity which focuses on human rights, education and healthcare in developing countries. During the competition, it was noted that their Facebook page experienced a quadrupling in traffic.

With the Greentree software in place, the charity’s overseas projects in other countries will be available to view from the UK headquarters in real-time, allowing for better communication and overall efficiency. Systems & Services Co-ordinator Vivienne Mair speaks of the new software, “The benefits of this will be huge. At present our people don’t have time to share information because it’s not easy to access the data, so Greentree will also be a communication tool that will help them to manage their projects better.”

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