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68% of Charities have no Time to Explore new Technologies

No Time

No time for technology

A report released on 27th November by the Online Centres Foundation (OCF) demonstrates how charities have no time to invest in the world of digital despite recognising the benefits it could bring to their campaign. Out of those interviewed, 88% admitted not making the most of available technology, 92% said they could achieve more if they explored it further, and 68% said they simply didn’t have the time to use it to its full potential.

Gaps in the workforce were also a prevalent issue, as 42% of those surveyed claimed that one of the main obstacles was lack of staff. The report also revealed that the most commonly used online tools were Facebook and Linkedin, but portrayed a distinct lack of online fundraising platforms.

Conference Chair Lord Knight says: “Technology has the power to changes lives – but it can be most effective when it enables people and communities to change the way they work. The community sector is one of the most innovative in the country, and the Digital evolution, local action conference  will bring together organisations who are at the forefront of adopting new technologies with those who want to learn more, to help strengthen the sector as a whole.”


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