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Getting to Grips with Digital: Top Tips


Don’t let technology get the better of you!

Information compiled earlier this year by the Visceral Business’ Charity Social 100 Index 2012 demonstrates that non-profit organisations are not making the most of social media, digital and online networks. Here are some tips which will keep your charity in the loop:

  • Use social media. It is inexpensive, yet has the ability to reach a lot of people very quickly. Look at how other charities have used social networking sites successfully and utilise these techniques in your own campaign.
  • Know your audience and communicate with them effectively. This could mean identifying a social media site relevant for your target audience, for example, Facebook for teenagers.
  • Invest in the main social media sites first, such as Facebook and Twitter. These are the most popular and will generate the initial hype.
  • Communicate with your audience. Ask for their contribution where appropriate, such as what they are hoping for from your charity.
  • Keep followers up to date with the goings-on of your organisation. This could be by tweeting photos, or updating Facebook statuses.
  • Build strong relationships with supporters by maintaining a strong charity voice. Use the sites for practical needs, such as appealing for donations.
  • Be creative in your campaign. Tell inspiring stories and focus on positive outcomes. Be clear about what your charity really hopes to achieve.



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