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Charities Should Embrace the Power of the Internet


Use the internet to your advantage

Charities are increasingly turning to online platforms as a means of making contact with potential donors. Most now accept online payments and have explored mobile devices such as apps and games to gain support for their cause.

An Accenture survey carried out in the UK last month revealed that 30% of charities don’t use social media, despite 44% agreeing that technological advances will have the “biggest impact on charities over the next five years.” A report carried out by Blackbaud reveals that compared to meeting donors in official conferences or other planned events, social media is the preferred method of gaining initial support for a campaign.

Charities should not underestimate the power of social media. It is an inexpensive way to generate support, for example, followers on Twitter could quickly become the next generation of donors. In addition, the charity could use this platform to recognise donors’ contributions to the cause, maintaining an important relationship with them.

Managing director of Accenture, Andrew Poppleton, says, “Charities are more supportive of technology than ever before and many are working with IT companies — often on a pro bono basis — to evolve their strategies and there is still clearly work to be done. Despite wanting to use new technologies, some charities are struggling to invest in areas that could show huge benefits.”




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