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New iPhone App Supports Testicular and Prostate Cancer Campaign


Watch your ‘Mo’ grow!

In “the month formally known as November,” men across the world grow and shape their facial hair into moustaches as part of a campaign, aptly named ‘Movember.’ Backed by charities such as Prostate Cancer UK and The Institute of Cancer Research, the campaign aims to increase awareness of testicular and prostate cancer by encouraging participants to activity raise money through sponsors of their moustache.

A new free app, TacheLapse, has been introduced by social innovations lab Gamaroff Digital, a company responsible for other ground-breaking apps such as Marmite Hate Cuisine and McDonald’s Coffee Time. Available to download from iTunes or App store, TacheLapse provides men the chance to record their hair growth by taking a daily photo, which is then translated into a 30 second video at the end of the month.

Account manager of Gamaroff Digital, Leila Guddoy, notes the apps benefits of raising awareness of the cause and increasing fundraising opportunities, “TacheLapse is a great way to attract people to the Movember charity as the app links straight to the user’s social media channels. If you’re posting something entertaining such as this, it’s much more likely to go viral amongst your friends than say, just a static photo or status update. In this respect, you see the charity’s mentions go up tenfold.”

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