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Charities – More Fundraising Opportunities over Christmas

Xmas Fundraising

Embrace the festive season!

With Christmas fast approaching, charities are thinking of new ways to fundraise during the festive season. The charity Crisis, which aims to change the lives of homeless people across the UK, is calling for a change in the way charities organise their Christmas campaigns. They consider e-cards to be a better option in comparison to paper cards. With over one billion pounds being spent on Christmas cards last year and an estimated 50 million being raised for charities through the sales of these cards, it is a fundraising opportunity that charitable bodies should certainly take notice of.

Crisis will be using an e-card campaign online, displaying service users playing musical instruments and singing traditional Christmas songs. Marie Curie, a charity providing care to terminally ill cancer patients, has a wide range of animated cards to view online. The charity Scope, which aims to provide assistance and care to disabled people and their families, previews e-cards which use front covers drawn by children. An example of a website which supports this process is Charity Greetings, which gives £1 of your card purchase to one of a wide selection of charities, making the donation more accessible to the public.



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