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New Mobile Network gives 10% of Phone Bill to Charity


Donating made easy

Drawing on the notion that people “don’t have the time every day to bathe in beans or jump out of a plane,” co-founder of The People’s Operator Tom Gutteridge has launched a mobile network through which people can donate 10% of their phone bill to a charity of their choice.

It’s not only charities people can donate to, they also have the option to invest in their local community by giving 10% to schools or youth centres in their area. The network currently offers Pay As You Go tariffs, hoping to achieve contracts by early 2013. Figures stand at: 7.5 pence for texts, 12.5 pence per minute for phone calls and 12.5 pence per megabyte of data. It is suggested that the network should offer “more attractive” rates in an attempt to draw in customers.

The chairman, Andrew Rosenfeld, is hoping to gain worldwide support despite facing challenges from the editor of Mobile Europe Keith Dyer, who says it would be “reticent to say that lots of people would switch operator purely for those voice and text rates.” The network will also be giving 25% of their own profits to charity; including NSPCC and Childline.

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