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Charity Digital Survey Demonstrates Charities Use of Technology


How do charities use technology?

Lasa, an organisation which aims to raise awareness among funding bodies and the government regarding the third sector’s needs, launched the Charity Digital Survey this month. Arising from the current mantra among charitable organisations that “those who do not start to use digital will not survive,” Lasa intended to pinpoint specific areas in which charities are exploring digital opportunities.

This recent survey aims to look at the third sector’s relationship with digital as well as recognising popular technologies prevalent in the sector at the moment. Over 334 professionals were surveyed, with just under half working at charities based in or around London.

It was revealed that most charities use digital technology as a means of communicating with their chosen demographic, through the use of social networking channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Other results showed that only 37% of charities employ cloud technology. This could imply a lack of understanding in this area, perhaps from CEOs and board members who distrust the new technology or are unwilling to venture far from set technological habits. This is supported by how most charities identified their main obstacle in utilising technology as the need for training their staff to get to grips with it. Around 35% stated they had no intention of using cloud technology in the future. It is also surprising that, in the age of smart phones, still a very notable 63% of charities do not use mobile technology at all. Since “Those who embed digital in their organisation structure will win” charities need to overcome their issues with technology and embrace its full potential to remain ahead of the game.




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