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Technological Advances in Charitable Donations


Innovative app promotes gaming as a way to donate

A new iPhone app called Budge was released last week, which enables users to donate to charity with just one click. It allows friends to play against each other at games such as chess or charades, with the loser automatically donating 1, 3 or 5 dollars to one of the eleven charities listed on the app. Some of these charities include, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and most recently the American Sustainable Business Council which has allowed people to donate to businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Co-founder Helen Klein, demonstrates the company’s ethic of taking the chore out of charitable giving, saying, “We are driving to change the culture and say you can have fun while you do good.” This technological revolution makes it easy, fast, and enjoyable to donate. It is less effort than picking up the phone or texting, and the competitive element adds a certain level of excitement. In addition, the donation sums are not unreasonable and really start to accumulate when customers start playing multiple games.

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