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Mobile giving on the rise

As a consequence of the massive developments in mobile technology in recent years, the method of giving to charity via direct debit or postal cheque seems dull and outdated in comparison to the more innovative means. Nowadays, donating by SMS messaging is one of the most popular formats; it’s fast, instantaneous and requires minimum effort. It also provides a self-gratuitous thrill that people can’t expect from simply noting the payment on their bank statement.

Fundraising specialist Paul de Gregorio notes that “charities which are most forward-thinking can see that their future and current supporters are obsessed with their mobile phones” and so ultilise this knowledge in their campaign work. The RSPCA used SMS donations to great effect, publishing a rather powerful advert using the image of a beaten dog in one of their campaigns. The advert urged people to text the word “ANGRY” to a set number if they felt saddened and wanted to make a difference. This would automatically donate three pounds to the cause.

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