Children in Need – New Ways to Donate

Technological advances in how we make donations could mean the best year yet for Children in Need

Matt Moorut | 14th Nov 12
Children in Need Using new donation platforms
Children in Need
Using new donation platforms

With the BBC hosting the yearly Children in Need evening on Friday 16th November, hopes are high about exceeding last year’s figure of £26,332,334. With the acceleration of technological advances over the years, the annual sum raised has been growing consistently. Now, with considerably more options to donate than ever before, it is hoped that this year’s figure will be an all-time high.

People can still donate to the cause using all the regular options, such as online, over the phone or by text message. But more recent developments allow people to contribute by cash point in NatWest and RBS branches. NatWest’s recent print advertisement targets women specifically, suggesting that they, “meet the girls for coffee, grab some shopping, donate to Pudsey.” This helps to portray the idea that donating can be a task integrated into the daily routine; it doesn’t have to be an inconvenience.