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Gain support via social networking sites

Charities are encouraged to make the most of social networking sites when preparing their campaigns. In the age of social media, with the average person checking their Facebook account multiple times a day, sites like this provide the best way to make contact with your demographic and ultimately build awareness of the cause.

As Damien Clarkson, the director of Social Chic suggests, blogging is a very successful way of reaching out to the public, and can quickly generate interest in a campaign. One case study which demonstrates effective use of this technique is Save the Children, who teamed up with blogger Annie Spratt. Together, #blogitforbabies was created, and Annie spread the word of the campaign to other parents in the UK.

Clarkson’s website provides in depth knowledge for those looking to become more internet savvy and stay on top of the current trends when it comes to internet marketing, such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Some top tips for your campaign:

  • Try new things. Don’t feel compelled to stay with a campaign proposal if you feel it’s lacking. Engage with new technology and incorporate it into your campaign.
  • Generate interest online by using every social networking site at your disposal. It would be even more beneficial to ask bloggers to write about the cause to specifically target your intended demographic.
  • Think about your USP and in particular what sets your campaign above the rest.
  • Set ambitious, yet achievable targets and stick to them.

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