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Digital – it’s going through changes but there are ways to keep on top (Guest post)

James Gadsby Peet, Director of Digital at William Joseph and member of the Institute of Fundraising’s Fundraising Convention board, walks us through the agenda he’s following for the event in July to stay on top of the charity digital sphere.

As it happens I will be hosting the Digital track along with Matt Collins – do pop along and say hi! I think it goes without saying, that you’d be hard pressed to find a bad way to spend the three days of Fundraising Convention. But if I were attending as a delegate, this is the way that I’d spend my time…


Getting manic about metrics!

Not just a shameless plug for the Digital track to start off, but this session is one of the few which has a commercial organisation attending to give us their perspective. Fran Swaine will start the session giving an overview of the metrics you should be looking at and then we’ll be joined by Ocado to give us their experience of putting digital data at the heart of their decision making processes and culture. Interestingly, Fran recently wrote a preview ahead of her session.


Testing, testing… testing

Across the world of digital, testing is baked into the way that we operate. The ability to set up, run and interpret different variations of our websites, emails or social posts is so widespread that it’s now standard practice for all sizes of organisations. However, the availability of tools has sometimes meant that the actual practice of setting up valid tests that you can genuinely learn from has been neglected. This session looks like it’ll provide some nice pointers to avoid that.


Going viral

We’ve seen many viral fundraising campaigns, notably the #NoMakeupSelfie and Ice Bucket Challenge but the latest organic social fundraising campaign, #FirstFiver, was picked up by lots of different charities, having been started from within the sector itself. Having worked on #NoMakeupSelfie a while ago, I’m always keen to find out how things have progressed with organic campaigns so couldn’t miss an opportunity to hear from those involved in First Fiver.


Exploring why change matters on charity boards

In my experience with working across a broad range of organisations, those with a diverse, energetic and forward thinking group of trustees are always the best placed to respond to changes in the way they need to. From making the most of the opportunities digital gives us to responding to the changing fundraising environment, if the people at the top are bought in then that really flows through the organisation.

Even though my focus as a Convention board member is around digital, there are a number of other sessions which I look forward to including:


A chance to enhance personal skills

There’s been nothing in my career that has had the same effect on my personal development as quality coaching. Before experiencing it, I was under the impression that it was simply a way for your manager to make you think that you came up with the idea that they’d wanted you to follow all along. However, since seeing and being taught by expert practitioners, it’s now evident to me what a powerful tool of exploration and growth it can be – so if you’re a manager, don’t miss the coaching secrets to help your colleagues succeed.


Women in the fundraising profession

The diversity stats for our sector are well known and deeply disappointing. As Jo Wolfe, and many others have written, whilst 68% of the workforce are women, only 27% of charities with a turnover of more than £10m are led by them. As someone who would like to be part of the solution rather than exacerbating the problem, this session feels essential.


Getting things done

We always hear about how we don’t have enough time or are under resourced in our teams. The standard response is to try and work harder or get more people in, rather than looking at ourselves and what could we change so we are able to work smarter. The Getting Things Done methodology is a practical, well respected framework that might help you deliver even more for your charity.

If you are attending the Fundraising Convention as a delegate this year start to think about the sessions which are relevant to you both now and for campaigns you may be working on in the future, to get the best out of the three days.

The IoF Fundraising Convention takes place from 3-5 July at The Barbican in London.

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