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Digital marketing guide for charities published

A marketing agency has published a free guide to digital marketing for charities.

The 12-step guide to digital marketing for charities, compiled by Flagship Consulting, addresses the recommendations made by the Charity Commission last year that aimed to help charities keep pace with digital change.

In addition, the guide provides advice on brand development and digital fundraising.

According to Flagship Consulting, digital presents a number of advantages for charities, including:

  • Far more cost-effective (or free) marketing and fundraising than can be achieved offline.
  • Enhanced ability to reach donors and beneficiaries.
  • Unprecedented access to useful information. Digital also provides a way for charities to reach people without ‘hounding’ or harassing them – something that several high profile charities have received criticism for recently.

Diana Soltmann, chief executive of Flagship, said: “As a charity trustee, I see the pressures that these organisations are under every day. Everybody has known for a while that digital is important, but many organisations have kept this on the back burner, while running their day-to-day work. Now the regulator is involved, everybody is sitting up and taking notice.”

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