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Kickstarter campaign launched to generate funds for social platform

Tech social enterprise KindLink has turned to Kickstarter to generate funds for its new charity-focused initiative.

KindLink is a social platform that allows donors to see how their donation is being used and for charities to go digital and tell their stories, has been launched.

According CAF research, 70% of people say they would donate more if they knew what is happening with their donation.

KindLink traces the payment flow, showcasing the charity’s work and facilitating a direct connection between donor and beneficiary.

The platform collects data from the charity operations and displays it to the donor and the public in a social media-like platform showcasing the charity work, efficiency and impact. A donor on KindLink receives weekly updates for the project they have donated to with data, pictures and stories from the charity.

Once the project is completed a donor is matched with the beneficiary who has been reached by the donation, therefore creating a KindLink.

The developers say that all software functionalities that charities need have been rolled into a free-of-charge, all-in-one cloud-based solution. KindLink combines payment/donation processing, donor and beneficiary CRM/databases, donation management system with Gift Aid reporting and project management.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise the £90,000 needed to keep the platform free for charities and individual donors.

More information on the project can be found by clicking here.

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