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Is your charity site a fundraising and engagement powerhouse?

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As more people choose to support their favourite charities online, it’s crucial to ensure your organisation’s website is as engaging as possible.

Constantly optimising your site to boost donations and engagement may sound challenging, particularly for small to medium sized organisations with fewer resources, but there are cost-effective steps you can take to make your website a fundraising and engagement powerhouse.

In this whitepaper, charity technology provider Raising IT provides benchmarks on how small to medium charity websites are performing and insights on how some websites are standing out on every aspect of their organisation’s website, from content to design, helping to turn site visitors into long-term supporters of the cause.

“Charity websites: what does good look like for small to medium sized charities?” brings together the latest research and insights about online behaviour, as well as Raising IT’s expertise working with more than 100 charities, to deliver tailor-made advice for organisations looking to make a big impact.

“The percentage of donations made online is … increasing by 13.5 per cent each year… Charities who are not prioritising digital revenue streams could be falling further behind each year,” say the experts at Raising IT.

Click here to download your copy.

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  • Unfortunately the download the whitepaper form collects a lot of personal data but provides no opt-in nor opt-out box for further marketing communications. Raising IT should check the Information Commissioner’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations where I think they will conclude that they are not complying with the law! I’m afraid I won’t supply my details to any company that ignores data protection laws and regulations.