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Macmillan head of digital: Supporters expect “instant gratification” from social media

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Charity supporters who don’t get the “instant gratification” they expect from social media will “swiftly move to other brands”, Macmillan Cancer Support’s head of digital Amanda Neylon has warned.

An organisation’s responsiveness on social media demonstrates to its supporters how committed it is to providing “exceptional customer service”, she added.

Responsiveness couldn’t be more important for Macmillan, which offers emotional support to those affected by cancer, including the 1,000 who are diagnosed with the disease every week in the UK.

Customers want answers, and they want them through social media,” Neylon said.

If your brand is not ready and equipped for that, they will swiftly move to other brands for further engagement.”

Social media now plays a fundamental role for all charities by providing a medium for communication, fundraising and raising awareness, Neylon said.

However, she added: “Some charities are still struggling with giving social the necessary recognition it deserves compared to other more traditional marketing channels.”

They tend to see the medium as more of a response mechanism rather than a channel in its own right, Neylon concluded.

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