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Charities must adopt private sector working practices to compete

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Shifts in the social, economic and technological landscapes have made it necessary for charities to adopt working practices more in line with the private sector, according to a report by cloud hosting service Claranet.

The report states that although charities’ goals are unchanged, their approaches to operations and infrastructure need to match those of profit-making organisations in order to compete for people’s attention.

Charities can take a cue from the retail industry: “They were the first to have advertising based on the browsing habits of individuals, websites that are optimised for mobile, tablet and PC, and the ability to pay at a click.

“It has never been easier to make a digital cash transaction and charities that are able to harness retail’s mindset are the ones that will make headway soonest.”

The report cites the success of hashtag campaign #nomakeupselfie, which last year raised £8m for Cancer Research UK in just six days, as an example of how cloud infrastructure in a connected economy can deliver for charities.

Claranet explains in the report how charities can benefit from implementing a cloud-based solution, which can enhance the performance, reliability and security of their critical online applications, increasing donations to their cause, as well as how to address the challenges presented by the “always-on, hyper-connected economy”.

“The cloud offers an alternative, intelligent option because it allows for an immediate, reciprocal and – importantly – measurable interaction.”

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