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PayPal offers charities £20 off card reader


As fewer of us are carrying cash, adopting new efficient methods of collecting donations is becoming increasingly important for charities.

Until July 31st, PayPal is offering charities £20 off its PayPal Here card reader, which lets users accept payments from debit and credit cards and complete PayPal transactions, as well as log cash and cheque payments.

There’s no contract or monthly fees, just a 2.75% charge incurred at every transaction.

To get started, order your reader, and add PayPal Here to your charity PayPal account. There’s also a free app that makes it easy to track transactions, lets users issue refunds, create inventories and sales reports, and send receipts to donors.

Nick Aldridge, CEO of PayPal Giving Fund, said: “PayPal Here makes it easier for charities to track their donations and is a quick and simple way of accepting payments wherever they may be.

“Funds can be instantly transferred to the charity’s PayPal account, for withdrawal into their bank account, and all transactions are encrypted by PayPal’s technology, so you’ve got that peace of mind.”

Use the code PPGF20 before completing your order to claim £20 off the card reader, and enjoy the special price of £29.99 for charities, down from £49.99.

Visit the PayPal Here website for more information.

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