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Comic Relief launches Tech For Good programme


Comic Relief has launched a new Tech For Good programme that will support charities using digital technology to create social change by delivering new ideas or more effective services.

This programme is specifically targeted at UK nonprofits that already have some technical expertise and capacity to enact social change using digital technologies.

Comic Relief is looking to fund projects that use software and digital technology as a part of a solution to addressing any of these themes: Better Futures, Safer Lives, Healthier Finances, Stronger Communities, Fairer Society.

Comic Relief is offering funding of up to £60,000 for six months plus external technical mentoring.

Gilly Green, Head of UK Grants says: “We are delighted to launch this new grants programme. We know that lots of not-for-profit organisations operating in the UK have excellent insights and ideas for innovative digital projects that will make a real difference in communities. This new programme will provide the funding that has been missing. We will provide up to £60,000 for up to six months starting in July this year. And, if the project needs it, we can also bring in some external technical support.”

The deadline to submit applications is by 3pm on Friday 8th May.

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  • With approximately 650 fundraising platforms in the UK alone, is this needed?

  • this fund has a deadline of 8 May. As this information on the ‘launch ‘ of the Tech for Good fund was in the April 27th Digital Newsletter, there was only 11 days in which to read this e-mail and apply !

    Added to that April is the month of the year that all volunteer financial officers (of small charities) are checking and compiling accounts for external scrutiny and then submitting to the appropriate authorities, so this is not the most likely time for any application to this fund
    Did anyone from a small charity apply ? SASA certainly would have, if this had had a longer application timescale.l
    Only launching 11 days before the deadline, and in April rather ensured that we didn’t.