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Can mobile bidding boost your fundraising efforts?

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In today’s smartphone-driven world, mobile bidding technology represents a huge opportunity for non-profits looking to fundraise. But what is it and how does it work?

Put simply, mobile bidding is an innovative way to integrate new technology into age-old methods of fundraising like charity auctions and gala dinners.

According to a whitepaper from iBid Events, a technology developer heavily involved in mobile bidding technology: “Mobile bidding technology allows your guests to effortlessly bid from their smartphones. Not only does this increase the chance of your guests getting involved in an auction, but they will be personally kept up-to-date with the action as they receive text notifications and emails when they are outbid.”

iBid’s mobile bidding technology has already been utilised successfully by non-profits as high-profile as Comic Relief, which used the new technology during Mark Watson’s 27-hour comedy marathon event.

To learn more about how mobile bidding can help your organisation reach fundraising goals, fill in the form below and download a free whitepaper from iBid Events.

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