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How to increase gift aid claims

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Research by HMRC has shown that donor confusion is the primary barrier between non-profits and Gift Aid. How can you narrow the gap between eligible donations and claims?

HMRC’s study found that donors chose whether or not to claim Gift Aid based on how well they understood the scheme, whether they could easily work out their eligibility and how simple non-profits made the claiming process.

According to Technology Trust’s The Charity’s Guide to Gift Aid (available for download below): “HMRC reported that donors who understood Gift Aid were far more likely to claim it on their donations. In order to help donors understand these areas, the report stressed that charities should ‘prime’ donors by letting them know about Gift Aid early on in the donation process.”

Technology Trust recommends that charities use a tick box format as part of the Gift Aid declaration, avoid confusing or jargon-laden language and focus on communicating the key message: That Gift Aid boosts donations at no additional cost to the donor.

Technology Trust continued: “Many online fundraising services now offer this setup, and yet still not all Gift Aid is claimed. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that the charity has missed all opportunity to claim the Gift Aid from HMRC. In fact, they can reclaim Gift Aid within four years of the financial year that the donation is received in.”

To learn how to maximise the Gift Aid you reclaim, even if the tax year has passed, download your free copy of The Charity Guide to Gift Aid below.

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