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London charity faces cybersecurity breach


The Women’s Resource Centre, a charity based in London, has had its website hacked by a pro-Isis group, according to the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network.

On Wednesday 21st January, the charity’s website homepage was replaced by a page stating “I love Isis & Jihad” and “Je suis Isis” along with a promotional video, which contains distressing scenes. The Women’s Resource Centre is currently working on getting the page back to normal.

CEO of the charity, Vivienne Hayes, said: “We have no idea why we were targeted. Our work is nationally based and we have no international links.”

The charity’s head of communications, Natalie Gyte, said: “The [website] hosting company is trying to access back-ups of our site, but we have no in-house technical experts so I’m not 100% sure what the next steps are.”

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  • Well, this just looks like a drive-by attack on a poorly-secured WordPress site to me. It’s almost certainly not a targetted attack, and some simple precautions could have prevented it. Lessons for all small charities here. I’ve written up:

    • James Cannon

      A brilliant piece of advice for Charities!