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How is technology changing charity?


Whether used for fundraising, finding volunteers, or simply getting information out there, technology has played a significant role in making life a lot easier for charities.

Check out these five main benefits the charitable sector has gained from the growth of technology:

  1. Charities can reach more people. More people own computers, smartphones, tablets, making it easier for them to access information about the charity on the web.
  2. Charities can share their mission more easily. With the wealth of social media channels out there, charities can spread the word at just the click of a button.
  3. Technology makes it easier for people to donate. Whether people choose to send a text or donate online, the donation process is easy and streamlined; just one-click and it’s done.
  4. Donors like to be thanked. Charities can recognise the contributions of anyone instantly, meaning they can send a thank you message straight after the donation has been received.
  5. Technology allows information to be shared immediately. Charities are able to receive and distribute funds faster than ever before, which has been integral to disaster relief campaigns.


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