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How many Brits actually donate after Ice Bucket Challenge?


According to new research from Voucher Codes Pro, over half of Brits dousing their heads with icy water for the Ice Bucket Challenge don’t donate to charity.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a recent craze that has spread across social media which sees people having ice cold water tipped over their heads on camera. Afterwards, those who complete the challenge are supposed to donate money to charity and nominate others to do the same.

The research, which intended to uncover the true impact of the challenge, found that 56% of Britons who had taken part did not donate money to charity afterwards, and 53% did not know what cause the challenge was in aid of.

1,528 adults from around the UK took part in the poll. For those who did the challenge, 41% said they did it to raise money or awareness of a charity, 39% did it to get attention on social media and 11% felt pressured into it.

Nick Swan, spokesman for, said: “The Ice Bucket Challenge has really taken social media by storm, taking over most people’s news feeds, including mine! The challenge was started for the ALS Association in the US and Motor Neurone Disease Association in the UK.

“It is shocking that 53% of respondents did not know what the Ice Bucket Challenge was originally in aid of, despite its global success for ALS. The Ice Bucket Challenge follows the ‘No Make-Up Selfie’ nominations in showing the true power of social media. However, it could be possible that these trends on social media are distracting people from the real causes, with 39% of people admitting to doing the challenge purely for attention online.”


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  • Mark

    47% did make a donation when perhaps otherwise they may not have done. Those that did not donate nominated people who might have done, who nominated other people who might have done. this type of social media event is with us to stay I reckon so let’s embrace the positive £1million and counting for MNDS and $80 million for ALS as well as all the other charities has to be good. #glasshalffull