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Wooshping and Bliss launch innovative fundraising solution

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UK charity Bliss is trialling a brand new technology from Wooshping, ‘Instant Fundraising Wristbands’ which give fundraisers an additional tool to raise money instantly and spontaneously through mobile phone interaction with their supporters.

The fully branded, durable and waterproof silicone wristbands incorporate an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip and QR codes to direct potential donors to a fundraising page, allowing instant donations to be given and helping fundraisers achieve their targets.

Rupert Englander, Managing Director of Wooshping said, “We are delighted to be working with Bliss to deliver this new and innovative fundraising solution. Gone are the days when you needed to fill out pledge forms and then chase money from your sponsors, or send an email or post on social networks hoping to get people to notice your plea for donations and support.

“Now, fundraisers can get their friends, family and colleagues to donate instantly when they meet them face to face, seizing the moment to give, and receive their support there and then. And all through the tap or scan of their mobile phone. It is extremely satisfying and rewarding and will become a vital visual tool for fundraisers to achieve their targets.”

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