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3 free tools to test your charity’s website accessibility


Accessibly is an incredibility important factor of charity websites as those which don’t have accessible websites fall into the trap of excluding a wide range of donors.  Accessible websites are easily viewed on mobile devices, and allow for greater search engine visibility, broadening the reach of your cause.

In a recent blog post for NTEN, Cindy Leonard suggests some free tools your charity can use to test its website accessibility:

  1. Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE) by WebAIM will give you information on accessibility errors and warnings, displayed on the web page.
  2. CheckMyColours.com. This site analyses the use of colour on a web page, such as contrast ratio, brightness difference and colour difference.
  3. Open your charity’s website with screen reader tool  WebAnywhere to see what it’s like for a person with impaired sight to view.

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