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Open Fundraising hits million pound mark


Since its launch in August 2012, Open Fundraising has handled £1m in donations to charities. Its Mobilise initiative aims to draw in more donors to join the 65,000 who are already signed up.

Mobilise allows charities to recruit and communicate with donors through their mobile phones, providing an alternative to Direct Debit. Donors can skip a monthly payment if they want to, a function not available to people who use Direct Debit.

Charities are also able to send supporters MMS messages and send SMS messages that are over 160 characters.

Paul de Gregorio, Head of Mobile at Open Fundraising, said: “Hitting a million pounds raised for our clients so quickly is an achievement we’re all really proud of. With more clients in the pipeline and some brilliant new uses of Mobilise being planned, we hope the second million pounds is raised much more quickly”.

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