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Digital Giving launches T-shirt app to raise money for charities

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Digital Giving, an organisation which develops engaging and innovative projects for the benefit of national and international causes, has come up with a unique way of raising funds through a free mobile and web app. The app, called T-shirt Booth, would allow users to purchase personalised T-shirts featuring their favourite children’s characters while raising money for good causes.

The charity is working with licensors to acquire permission to use a huge range of children’s characters, like Moshi Monsters, Paddington Bear and Ben 10 to name a few.

The app will be launched on Monday 7th October, 2013, so the order can be completed just in time for Christmas.

Jamie Goldblatt, Co-Founder of Digital Giving, said: “This is a really fun, innovative way of fund-raising. There is nothing else like it on the market. I’m really proud that we’ve developed this unique way of helping charities.”

Tracey Richardson, Head of Research at Digital Giving added: “T-Shirt Booth provides an easy way for people to buy a unique, personalised, quality product while helping a good cause.  And, they can do it from the palm of their hand.”

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