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RSPCA to receive £18k donation from Unilever following controversial Marmite ad


The brand which makes Marmite, Unilever, is donating £18,000 to the RSPCA after its new spoof TV ad received hundreds of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The amount will cover the cost of keeping an RSPCA inspector in action.

Launched on 5th August, the TV ad adopts a tongue-in-cheek approach to animal rescue programmes, as concerned officers enter houses and find forgotten Marmite jars buried at the back of cupboards, which must be rehomed.

After receiving multiple complaints about the advert’s poor taste, the ASA is expected to make a decision as to whether to launch a formal investigation. This news demonstrates the impact that video can have on fundraising efforts, even if the charity itself doesn’t expect it!

Watch the controversial advert here.


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  • Megan Gill

    I’m pro-animal welfare, but I’m also very pro-comedy. If it’s culturally relevant to spoof the plethora of overly emotional hyperbole, maybe it’s time rescuers found a new way to promote the cause. Leave Marmite free to spoof and make ridiculously funny commercials about abandoned yeast-stuff and do what Dallas Pets Alive did. See #muttbombing