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Four tips – how to use the internet to recruit volunteers

[caption id="attachment_1710" align="alignright" width="250"]How can you use the internet to bring in volunteers? How can you use the internet to bring in volunteers?[/caption]

The internet is a great tool for charities to find potential fundraisers and engage their communities. In a recent article for Reason Digital, Catherine May discusses how the internet can also be a helpful tool for recruiting volunteers.

  1. Advertise volunteering opportunities on online databases. In addition to advertising on your own charity website, enlist the help of online databases such as Do-It and Give Where you Live which allows volunteers to find opportunities local to them for causes they are affiliated with.
  2. Promote volunteering through the web. Volunteering doesn’t have to be on location. Many charities have online services which people can get involved with. BeatBullying has an online service by which young people can volunteer to become Jubilee Mentor’s, for example, to offer guidance and support.
  3. Use digital tools to promote campaigns. Don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter, create videos for YouTube and a Pinterest gallery to show everyone to process of volunteering, from recruitment to what they do in the field.
  4. Engage with influencers. Find out who your social media influencers are and make contact with them. Invite them to share their volunteering stories with others to encourage more people to get involved.

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