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Oxfam Ireland selects m-hance software to improve productivity


[caption id="attachment_1501" align="alignright" width="250"]The charity will implement new CRM software The charity will implement new CRM software[/caption]

Oxfam Ireland has selected m-hance CRM software to improve productivity, it has been reported. The new CRM system, which is due to go live in October 2013, will be integrated in to the charity’s existing software. m-hance is well known across the charitable sector and is recognised for its ease of use and integration.

Oxfam Ireland will use the software to assist with marketing, Gift aid, and donations management. Much of these processes are usually carried out manually and so the acquirement of the new system will improve overall effectiveness.

Finance and Corporate Services Director at Oxfam Ireland, Hugh Walker, said: “m-hance’s system will provide a comprehensive view of our organisation and donors by accurately capturing detailed information from multiple sources… By automating communication about the positive difference their donations are making the system will help us to enhance supporter engagement and increase our fundraising capabilities.”

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