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Five digital marketing tips for charities

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In a recent blog post for Econsultancy, SEO strategist at Box UK, Andrew Isidoro, shares five tips for charities to improve their digital marketing strategy. We have summarised these below:

  1. Know your audience. Understand existing donors behavioural patterns so that you can tailor your campaigns to suit their lifestyles. Check data to see who visits your sit; use Facebook Insights to learn their age, gender and location.
  2. Tell a story. This will engage people and encourage donations. If people are moved by a campaign it creates a connection which is unlikely to be forgotten.
  3. Share interesting data. Don’t keep it to yourself – display relevant data in infographics so that your supporters can see how their money has helped the cause.
  4. Get on board free Google Grants. Charities are eligible for USD10,000 of free PPC advertising spend per month with Google AdWords.
  5. Share videos on YouTube. Have an online video strategy to encourager viewers to donate. Google’s YouTube Non-Profit Program is a helpful tool for charities to make the most of their online campaigns.

Visit the site to view the full blog.


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