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Charities should invest more in technology

[caption id="attachment_1290" align="alignright" width="250"]CEO of YouthNet says that charities should invest in technology CEO of YouthNet says that charities should invest in technology[/caption]

The young people’s charity, YouthNet, has said that charities should invest more in technology to keep up to date with digital innovation in the sector. Chief Executive Emma Thomas has spoken about how research into new technological trends often doesn’t take priority over other, higher demands.

Information and communication technology champion at Lasa, Miles Maier, says “Charities have to get smarter in how we deliver services because there are fewer resources.” He notes how charities could use smartphone apps so that supports can find answers to problems without directly contacting the charity or adding a frequently asked questions section to their websites.

Thomas said: “Because budgets are increasingly tight, charities often aren’t allowed the space to experiment and take risks, and this can prevent us from keeping pace with advances in digital technology and hinder innovation. We believe that greater collaboration between the not-for-profit and commercial world is vital to ensure that a constant cycle of research and design develops technical innovations that generate further social value.”

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