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How can charities improve online fundraising?

[caption id="attachment_1263" align="alignright" width="250"]Robert McAllen shares his knowledge on online fundraising Robert McAllen shares his knowledge on online fundraising[/caption]

In a recent survey from Blackbaud, 86,000 online fundraising pages were studied and it was discovered that a fundraiser who engages with supporters online raises more money than those who don’t. In a recent article for Third Sector, social media expert Robert McAllen explains how charities can assist their supporters in raising money.

You can view his article here and we have summarised his points below:

  1. Keep in touch with your fundraisers. Encourage them to engage their supporters by sharing photos and requesting sponsorship. Provide examples of how previous fundraisers have succeeded.
  2. Give advice on realistic fundraising goals. Provide statistics to demonstrate to supporters how exactly their donation will help the cause.
  3. Maintain relationships by gathering donor data and keeping it on CRM systems. Knowing exactly where, why and how much your supporters donate will allow you to pin point your demographic.
  4.  Promote your brand. When people sponsor fundraisers, they are often only aware of the activity they are doing and the online giving platform. Be clear about what cause you are supporting and where they can find more information on the topic.

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