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EU data plans could have a damaging effect on fundraising, says IoF

Will changes to data protection effect charitable donations?

Will changes to data protection affect charitable donations?

European Union’s proposals to change data-protection rules could have a damaging effect on charities, it has been reported. The proposals, which aim to strengthen online privacy rights, state that a potential donor will have to opt-in for their data to be used in marketing, even if they are already giving money to a charity.

The Institute of Fundraising (IoF) has called for a re-think, believing that the new legislation will act as an obstacle to direct mail fundraising. Instead of needing explicit consent, the IoF has called for a ‘soft opt-in’ extension, which would let charities acknowledge a person’s donation as assent.

Chair of the IoF, Peter Lewis, says making it ‘soft opt-in’ would “strike a balance, respecting the rights of individuals, while allowing charities to undertake relevant direct marketing activities. Charities know that establishing and maintaining a relationship with the public based on trust and confidence is a prerequisite of successful fundraising. However, as currently drafted, the regulations do not strike a fair balance – they are disproportionate, limiting and likely to increase costs to charities.”

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