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Concern Worldwide launches Facebook app to mark St Patrick’s Day


[caption id="attachment_1041" align="alignright" width="250"]How Irish are you? How Irish are you?[/caption]

Concern Worldwide, an international development charity, has released a Facebook app to mark St Patrick’s Day. The app takes the user through a series of humorous questions, to find out “How Irish are you?” before requesting a donation.

More points are given to players if they donate to the cause. Following completion of the quiz, players are encouraged to post their score on their Facebook timeline to encourage other people to get involved.

Digital agency, Nonsense, developed the app. Creative director, Rob Mosley, said: “The mechanic taps into people’s desire to get the highest score they can to incentivise the charitable action.”

Concern’s Digital Marketing Manager, James Barker, said: “St. Patrick’s Day is really important for Concern Worldwide, as we were established in Ireland over 40 years ago. We want to engage our supporters online in a fun, light-hearted way while highlighting the charitable nature of Irish people and encouraging others to give what they can to tackle hunger with Concern.”



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