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Twitter stats your charity needs to know

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Charities tend to put more effort into engaging with their supporters over Facebook rather than Twitter. Some charities don’t have a Twitter account at all. Perhaps they feel restricted by the short length of a tweet, and feel they can say more through Facebook. However, Twitter is a great way to communicate with your donors and provides a great opportunity for discussion. It can also be great for organising events, generating support and targeting the next generation of donors.

So if you’re still having doubts about Twitter take a look at the statistics below provided by Twitter executives and it might just change your mind.

  1. 400 million: tweets per day
  2. 200 million: monthly active users of the services on a 30-day basis
  3. 100 million: that figure a year ago
  4. 33,000: tweets per second in Japan during New Years
  5. 6: median number of brands users follow
  6. 95 %: public conversations about TV shows that happen on Twitter
  7. 80 %: users on mobile in the UK and Japan
  8. 78 %: how much more likely mobile users are to retweet a brand
  9. 60 %: users on mobile in the U.S.
  10. 53 %: increase in purchase intent from users who saw a promoted tweet
  11. 50 %: Americans who see, read or hear about a tweet every day
  12. 12 %: higher the click rate for brand tweets with price in whole dollars
  13. 17 %: higher the click rate for tweets with a question mark
  14. 1-3 %: engagement rates on Twitter ads


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