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Give as you Live survey finds social media inspires giving


[caption id="attachment_971" align="alignright" width="250"]The Donor Survey highlights importance of social media in fundraising The Donor Survey highlights importance of social media in fundraising[/caption]

Give as you Live, an online platform which raises money for charity through online shopping, has recently completed The Donor Survey which found that 30% of the 8,000 UK charity donors surveyed were inspired to donate through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

The survey is part of Give as you Live’s Digital Giving Review and follows its Charity Review 2012 which explored ways over 500 charities were using digital media to fundraise.

The report found that the main reason for visiting a charity’s website was to gain information and that 22% of visits were made with the intention of making a donation. It was also revealed that one of the most popular reasons to donate is when a friend asks for sponsorship online. In addition, the report found that 50% of respondents like their charities on Facebook and 20% follow them on Twitter.

Give as you Live used the data with ACORN profiling to create six digital donor profiles to highlight how each is most likely to donate:

  1. Family man Clive (8%) Donates through text message or sponsors online
  2. Wealthy professional Jacqueline (15%) Donates online
  3. Affluent oldie Margaret (13%) Donates through Direct Debit
  4. Comfortable families Marie (31%) Online shopper uses Give as you Live
  5. Single young starter Neil (18%) Donates via text
  6. Squeezed families Rachel (8%) Engaged on Facebook

Founder and CEO of the online platform, Polly Gowers, OBE, said: “It’s clear that in our multichannel world one of the many challenges any organisation faces is where to focus their resources. Our aim with our on-going research is to help charities by highlighting the best channels to communicate to their growing number of digital donors.”



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