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Google Hangout: How can your charity use it?

[caption id="attachment_939" align="alignright" width="250"]How can your charity use Google Hangout? How can your charity use Google Hangout?[/caption]

Google Hangout allows users to video chat with up to nine people at a time,  which could be beneficial for charities which wish to hold video conferences. Other video call services, such as Skype only allow two callers on the line. It is an accessible service, as no downloads are necessary.

So how can Google Hangout work for your charity?

  1. Hold interviews. Record a conversation between you and someone who has gone the extra mile to support your case, such as an innovative fundraiser, for example. Put this on your website to share with your followers.
  2. Train staff online. Host webinars to educate your staff about CRM or current trends in IT.
  3. Connect volunteers. This allows them to share success stories and plan future fundraising events.
  4. Say thank you. Communicate with your donors by showing them where their money is spent and what is has achieved.
  5. Connect your team. If you have offices across the world, Google Hangout makes it easy to hold meetings to ensure you are keeping on track.


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