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How to keep your charity’s IT systems secure

[caption id="attachment_882" align="alignright" width="250"]Securing your IT systems It’s important to keep your IT systems secure[/caption]

Information on charity’s IT systems used to be kept in the physical location of the charity’s headquarters. With technological developments, staff can now reach this information remotely, but this has consequently lessened data security.

Many UK charities invest less in IT security than big businesses and don’t have a dedicated IT security function, which could leave them susceptible to hacking.  IT consultant at itlab, Andrew Brenson, shares his advice on keeping your charity’s IT systems secure:

  • Regularly change passwords and avoid sharing them
  • Have a regularly reviewed IT policy
  • Disable accounts of former employees quickly
  • Put security on portable devices
  • Encrypt information before passing it on
  • Be careful using public wi-fi
  • Ensure you have malware protection in place
  • Bring in a specialist to test your security method

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