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How to plan a multichannel fundraising campaign

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A good fundraising campaign can succeed in raising significant amounts of money, and reaching donors through different online channels is becoming a popular trend in the sector. Charities are realising the potential of communicating with their demographics through these channels. Below are a few tips to consider when creating your charity’s fundraising strategy.

  1. Establish how much money you want to raise.
  2. Think about long term goals, and what you will do with the money.
  3. Clearly highlight how a donation will positively impact the cause and provide clear examples.
  4. Plan your time. Create a fundraising calendar to map out the entire process. Outline the different channels such as website donations, telemarketing, social media strategies, fun interactive and online advertising.
  5. Identify donors. Know which online channels they are using and communicate with them appropriately, such as via Facebook or Twitter.


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