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Ian Clark criticises HMRC’s “drip-feeding” of online gift aid information

Should HMRC extend the deadline?

Should HMRC extend the deadline?

Ian Clark of civilsociety.co.uk has called for a more detailed outline of HMRC’s Charities Online system so that charity IT systems have longer to prepare for the change. The online system, which will start in April this year, aims to speed up the process of reclaiming gift aid and lower charities admin costs.

Clark criticises the “drip-feeding” of information, which has been released gradually over the past few months by HMRC. He comments that the voluntary sector need to know the details, so that the 120,000 charities registered with gift aid can make any relevant changes to their IT systems to smooth the transition to online.

Clark comments that a number of charities should find the transition simple, by using the HMRC spread sheet available, although these only process a small amount of claims. Most claims come from charities which use complex databases and software packages. He therefore calls for an extension of the deadline to March 2014.

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