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Stockholm City Mission launches Facebook app for clothes donations


[caption id="attachment_706" align="alignright" width="250"]Stockholm City Mission launches new app Stockholm City Mission launches new app[/caption]

Stockholm City Mission has partnered with agency DDB to launch a Facebook app, “You’ll never wear that again,” which donates users’ old clothes to charity.

The app works by scanning the user’s Facebook photos, selecting a few in which you are wearing clothes you might consider donating to second hand stores across the city. Upon agreement, the image and donation are shared via the social media sites, and friends of the user are encouraged to participate. Images can also be shared through the user’s blog, Twitter or Instagram accounts using the hashtag #ynwta.

Communications and fundraising manager at the Stockholm City Mission, Yvonne Borg, said: “When people think about it, they often amazed by how much of their clothing they will never use again. With our Facebook app, we have found a way to make it easy for people to sort out the clothes they do not use. To donate clothes to our second hand stores is an easy and environmentally friendly way to help more people living in vulnerable situations.”

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