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Charities urged to prepare for online gift aid service



HMRC introduces Charities Online, the new Gift Aid service

HMRC has introduced a new Gift Aid filing system, Charities Online, which will come into play on the 22nd April. HMRC published guidelines on Monday 11th February which aim to help charities prepare for the transition. The paper forms in place at the moment will be accepted until 30th September 2013.

The new system will allow charities to make repayment claims electronically. In addition, charities will now be required to provide HMRC with donors’ addresses as well as the name, date and amount pledged.

A spokeswoman for the Charity Finance Group said: “It is really important there is a relatively lengthy transition period as there might be costs and it will take a lot of preparation. It might need to be extended a bit further in certain circumstances if a charity is not quite ready in time. It is important charities look at this information now and are aware of the changes. The transitional period is going to be relatively small. If there is going to be a cost associated with updating their database, charities need to start planning for it now. There could also be cash flow issues in April if it takes time to bed in.”

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